What Kind of Water Filters Are Available for Brita

What Kind of Water Filters Are Available for Brita

With a rich history spanning more than five decades, Brita stands tall as an innovative and reliable company that started its journey in Germany. Over the years, the brand has established a strong reputation in the industry with its famous water pitchers.

The water pitcher in question boasts a striking design, one that might even be considered iconic. In fact, it's so memorable that many people can immediately recognize it as a standout in the water filter category. While it can hold up to 10 cups of water, some have noted that it may not be the most durable option out there due to its slightly lightweight construction. Despite this, there's no denying that this pitcher is a true work of art when it comes to design.

With a Brita Filter, you can significantly reduce contaminants in your drinking water. Trust us, your taste buds and health will thank you. The benefits are crystal clear:

  • Reduction carbonate hardness/limescale (calcium and magnesium ions)
  • Removal of free and bound chlorine (if present)
  • Removal of lead and copper

Brita Standard Pitcher and Dispenser Filter

Positive: Fast and cheap, fewer certifications, water will taste good!
Not so good: This filter has only five ANSI/NSF certifications, so it is less effective against many potential contaminants.

What is an ANSI/NSF Certification?
ANSI/NSF Certification is a seal of approval that most water filtration systems in the United States must have in order to guarantee the safety and quality of their product. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute and NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, two separate organizations that work together to establish criteria and rigorous testing procedures to ensure consumer health protection.

Brita Maxtra Filters

This convenient 3-pack of filters will ensure that you'll always have a fresh filter on hand, providing you with clean, filtered water every day. Compatible with all Brita Filter Pitchers, this is the ultimate solution to all of your water filtration needs.

Brita Fill & Go Cartridges

Quench your thirst while on the move with BRITA Fill & Go Cartridges! These little wonders make sure that every sip of water you take is absolutely refreshing and pure. With the BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle and these cartridges, you have a winning combination of convenience and affordability. Plus, you're doing your bit for the planet by not buying bottled water.

Don’t have a Brita Pitcher? We could recommend getting one from Amazon or their local retailer.

Say goodbye to limescale build-up in your home appliances and hello to delicious, aromatic hot drinks with BRITA filtered water. Treat yourself to the ideal basis for your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea, while using it to cook your favorite meals without worry. Enjoy clean, refreshing water that keeps your appliances functioning at their best.